The Game gets involved with Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill feud

The drama between Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj has escalated further and now The Game has had his say on things. Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj broke up in January this year after dating since 2015; the breakup was far from civil as Meek has infamously bad-mouthed Nicki multiple times on both social media and at his concerts.

Last week a track by Remy Ma emerged in which she calls out Nicki Minaj. ShETHER is a blatant diss track about Minaj; it brings up her brother’s legal problems, her alleged plastic surgery and her rumoured use of a ghost-writer. ShETHER gained a lot of popularity, particularly on social media in the form of memes that mocked Nicki and praised Remy. One of these memes was liked by Meek Mill and this caused a commotion that even The Game spoke out on.

The Game made a lengthy Instagram post with screenshots and text that called out Meek Mill for making fun of the woman who supposedly gave him ‘everything’. His post alleged that Nicki gave him his fame, a similar view shared by Drake who infamously referred to Meek in the lyric ‘Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?’

In the post The Game also hints that Meek Mill was responsible for burgling Nicki Minaj’s house during which $200,000 worth of jewellery and assets were stolen. He wrote: “Instead of being a REAL N**** & leaving the situation with ya head up standing tall, you in ya feelings so you get her house robbed & do f*** n**** s*** fronting for the followers she gave you.” With so many rappers getting involved in this feud it is definitely escalating into something way bigger than a break up drama.

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