Gippy Grewal opens up about his friends in Bollywood

He made his Bollywood debut in 2015 with Second Hand Husband starring Dharmendra. Later he was seen in Farhan Akhtar starrer Lucknow Central in 2017. Though he’s quite well-known with the Hindi-speaking audience, Gippy Grewal, famous for his music has rarely worked in Hindi films.

However, he does have friends in Bollywood. Over the years, Gippy has managed to make some bonds in the industry. There are a few folks in B-Town who he gets along well with like Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt. Sharing his experiences with the senior actors, he says, “Aamir paaji ke saath meri bohot banti hai. I have even met Sanjay Dutt paaji. He is such a warm human being. I told him aap bade late mile hame (we should have met earlier on as we got along so well).”

In an earlier chat with BT, Gippy had opened up about why he isn’t a common sight in Hindi films. He had said, “Nothing in particular is keeping me away. It’s just that with the kind of experience I have (in Punjabi cinema), I don’t want to take up any Bollywood film just for the sake of being a part of a Hindi film. I love Bollywood. I like the films. But I feel when I am already an established artiste in one industry, why should I (struggle) somewhere else? The fees they offer me in Bollywood is such that I would rather work here for free. Ab meri Punjab mein fees hi zyada hai toh main kya karu?”