‘I’m having panic attacks’: Kim Kardashian admits to fashion identity crisis after bitter ex Kanye West declares her career is ‘over’ and compares her outfit to Marge Simpson

Kim, 41, admits that she gets so nervous that anything she wears will be a ‘bad outfit’ and her ex Kanye West certainly isn’t helping matters.

She was given an Innovator Award for SKIMS in New York, after which, Kanye called her to say her career was ‘over.’

He also showed her a picture that compared the brown dress she was wearing to something that The Simpsons character Marge Simpson wore.

Kanye also said in an interview he was angry that SNL ‘made’ her say she was getting a divorce, while claiming he had never seen the divorce papers.

Kim has a different story, though, claiming he not only has seen the papers, but he’s refusing to sign them.

Meanwhile, Scott Disick sees Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker kissing for the first time… after essentially forcing Kris Jenner to invite him to her birthday dinner.

Scott also got into a contentious argument with Kendall Jenner because he didn’t invite him to her birthday party.

Kris Jenner also unveils her brand new home during the birthday party with guests such as Ellen DeGeneres.

Kim also gave her firsts hints at her romance with Pete Davidson, seen texting him with a smile during a confession.