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The rise of Indian Street Food is steadily rising in the UK, with new Indian Street Food restaurants popping up across the country.

Whilst you can still go and enjoy the taste and authenticity of Indian food, it’s presented in a “hipster” way with places such as the Indian Brewery and Zindiya, located in Birmingham, that are in quirky locations and the look of the restaurants aren’t the typical Indian style restaurant.

indian brewery Birmingham

Street food began in Asia, and has slowly taken over the world with its intense flavours and bigger portions, for less money. The great thing about street food is that you can mix and match, and you don’t have to commit to having just one meal.

indian food being made in the streets

Not only are we seeing more street food restaurants, but more festivals have sprung up across the country, and Indian fusion food is making a name for itself.

You can try out new and exciting dishes, but there’s a sharing value added to the atmosphere. If you’re going with a group of friends, order as much as you want and you can all share each other’s food without spending an extortionate amount, and getting annoyed when someone eats your food!

Indian food being cooked

Indian Street Food is a great choice if you’re wanting to embrace your culture or if you just fancy trying something new. It’s for anyone and everyone to try, and it sure won’t disappoint.

One of our favourite Indian Street Food venues is Zindiya –  located in Birmingham.

Outside Zindiya

Zindiya is an Indian eatery and bar that was brought to life by husband and wife team, Shivani & Ajay Kenth, who planned this venture since their teenage years.

15 years later, and here they are in the heart of Mosley. The name is derived from the Hindi word “Zindagi” meaning “life” and the couple’s daughters name Diya, which means light and splendour, which is the real essence of what Indian street cooking is all about- fresh and affordable. Something we couldn’t agree more on!


Their concept was to create an immersive experience of India – drinking chai or Limca, eating chaat and gol gappe, riding a rickshaw – in a casual and fun environment.

When you step into Zindiya, you really don’t know where to look first! The colours of the restaurant and the theme will transport you to the streets of India. It’s colourful, distinctive and definitely a restaurant you want to put on your Instagram.


The restaurant is very spacious and there is seating for up to 90 people, with covered rickshaw booths and a bar area that has an array of cocktails available.


The food doesn’t disappoint either, and you are spoilt for choice. From chilli cheese toast to Kati Roll to masala fries, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

zindya - indian street food

If you’re looking for a quiet one with a few delicious cocktails, an afternoon chai, or just want to experience an authentic meal – Zindiya is a place to visit.

By Amy Lehal


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