Irrfan Khan’s Wife Sutapa Sikdar Pens Note to Son Babil Khan Ahead of ‘The Railway Men’ Production

Babil Khan, the son of late international icon Irrfan Khan, is set to star in his debut project titled The Railway Men by YRF (Yash Raj Films) Entertainment.

As production gets underway on The Railway Men, Babil Khan’s mother, Sutapa Sikdar shared an emotional note note on social media as Babil begins shooting for his first web series.

In her Facebook post, she paid tribute to single mothers and went on to talk about the multiple challenges that Babil will have to achieve to be called a good actor:

“So this week my son started shooting. I am mighty exhilarated for this Babil khan kid.
I am a little late to share this but I wanted to tell all the single mothers that parenting is tough, especially if your child is used to both the parents for 21years of their life, but it is not impossible (Applauding all single mothers).

“Sorry son, but sharing my world with a legend all my life (30 years, factually. Lifetime, emotionally. Eternity, spiritually) has got my standards very high. I don’t want to frighten you and overburden you, we have social media for that. I want to remind you, as baba said and rightly so, that I am the most difficult critic to please.

Sutapa continued, “So there is long list, and one must tick all the boxes before I pronounce them a good actor which will take you a long time. You are beginning baccha and your hard work is the first tick I am happy to give. I know you are overwhelmed with the amazing cast of the series at the same time feel lucky to be able to learn from the best.

“But truly I happily put the second tick as I see you in the poster with seasoned actors, still just being there not trying extra or faking but actually looking at something to do with the premise of the show. Even if it’s just a poster.

She concluded her note by saying, “All the best, give it your soul but don’t be in a hurry to get those right ticks because trying, failing and then getting it right is the trick. You can never hurry your father’s legacy.”

At the beginning of December, Yash Raj Films announced it is launching its streaming content production business – YRF Entertainment – with The Railway Men confirmed as its inaugural project.

Directed by newcomer Shiv Rawail, the The Railway Men is described as “a tribute to the railway workers at Bhopal station who are the unsung heroes of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy and the world’s biggest man-made industrial disaster”.