Jaz Dhami to perform at Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

    Jaz Dhami to perform for the Queen
    Jaz Dhami set to perform for the queen

    British Asian Punjabi singer Jaz Dhami is set to make history by performing Gal Sun at the official Queens Platinum Jubilee Celebrations on the private grounds at Windsor Castle from 11-15th May. Jaz Dhami will be accompanied by the Tri-service Orchestra and National Symphony Orchestra for his performance.

    In 2013, British Bhangra Group VP Bhangra alongside London based dhol group ‘The Dhol Foundation’ previously performed over 3 days at Buckingham palace for Queen’s coronation festival with Dhol Blasters (Birmingham) having also followed suite and performed for the royal family at private events.

    We cannot wait to see Jaz Dhami’s performance!