Jenny Johal Finds Herself In Hot Water!

Jenny Johal Released A Song Calling Out The Panjab Government
Jenny Johal Released A Song Calling Out The Panjab Government

Punjabi singer Jenny Johal found herself latest release criticising the Panjab government in their handling of Sidhu Moosewala’s murder and investigation being not only banned in the state but also threats for legal action against her.

Though Moosewala’s family decided in favor of ‘Letter To CM’ (the name of the song) Sidhu Moosewala’s father Balkaur Singh has supported Jenny Johal while talking. He said that the singer has started receiving constant threats after singing a song in his favor.

He said that the singer shared his grief in the song, but the government did not approve of it. He said that he stands in favor of Jenny Johal, even if he has to go to jail for it. He said that those seeking justice have started being threatened, under which Jenny Johal is receiving threats for registering a case on the song.

Musewala’s parents said that they stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are seeking justice for their son. He said that there are many officers like Pritpal, who made the gangster Tinu escape, who have joined hands with the gangsters. He said that as the situation has become in Punjab, he has lost confidence in the government and the police.