Johnny Depp: Here’s what his lawyer really said as he celebrated Amber Heard’s Kate Moss comment

Following a week-long hiatus, Amber will be called to the stand for cross-examination by Johnny’s lawyers – and there’s one comment sure to be brought to the forefront.

In footage from inside the trial, Johnny and his legal team could be seen celebrating after Amber made reference to the star’s former girlfriend, Kate Moss.

Amber alleged that in a 2015 argument with her husband, she became concerned that he would harm her sister, Whitney, who was present at the time. She said that in that moment, she “instantly thought of Kate Moss and the stairs, and I swing at him”.

Her comments sparked a big reaction from Johnny’s lawyer Ben Chew, who could be seen punching the air in celebration and conferring with colleagues and the actor.

It’s not clear exactly why Johnny’s legal team were so elated by Amber’s remarks. It was initially thought that Kate’s name was banned from being included in proceedings – but reports are now suggesting that Johnny’s team might have evidence to disprove a rumoured incident between Johnny and Kate.

Video from that moment appears to show Johnny’s lawyer turning to his co-workers and exclaiming “Yes!” before turning to his A-list client and stating: “Don’t react. This is perfect!” Johnny, in turn, keeps his head down but can be seen smiling and shaking his head.

Public reaction to the celebration has been huge. One viewer stated the reason behind the jubilation is that “it means they can subpoena kate moss to give her testimony since she brought her up”.

But a second argued: “No, they can’t. They already submitted their witness list and she is not on it. And this is not something they’re going to do to impeach her it’s not probative of much.. but it has to be good if Ben was so excited and I’m trying to figure out what it is…”

A third suggested: “Up to now they weren’t allowed to delve into AH previous relationships and DA arrests but since SHE has mentioned a previous relationship of Johnny’s, that opens the door for them to ask about hers.”

And a fourth said: “So, as someone else pointed out here, I think it was agreed by both parties pre trial, that they could not bring in the Exs as witnesses or during examination. Now that Amber has opened that door by mentioning Kate, the prosecution can now bring in the fact that AH was arrested for DV in the past with her Ex.”