Katie Price and Carl Woods show off new faces after getting fillers and Botox

Katie Price and Carl Woods reated themselves to filler and Botox during a day out together after getting matching hairstyles.

The engaged couple headed to the clinic to pamper themselves with the anti-wrinkle injections.

They documented the process on Instagram, with Carl up first for his makeover.

He had multiple shots of Botox jabbed into his frown lines and forehead.

Consultant Ellie May Mackenzie told him: “Just a bit of a freshen up, to get rid of some of those deep wrinkles.”

Carl replied to her: “You’re going to make me look brand new.”

Meanwhile, Katie had a fresh top-up of lip filler, telling her fans: “In the hands of Ellie, they’re the best hands because she’s good at what she does.”

She added: “I need lots of numbing cream because even the sight of the needle makes me brick it.”

The reality star explained she previously had her lip fillers dissolved and felt she looked “wrinkly and old” with “thin lips”.

The mum-of-five continued: “If any of you watched Masterchef, my lips were disgustingly thin like spaghetti.”

After having them done, Katie gushed: “I’m so happy with my lips today, my cupid’s bow have been done beautiful.”