Kiara Advani defends Karan Johar amid Nepotism Criticism

Kiara Advani has defended Karan Johar, stating that he has been wrongly criticised for nepotism in Bollywood.

Nepotism in Bollywood has been an ongoing topic of discussion and Karan Johar has faced a lot of criticism for allegedly only working with and launching actors that come from Bollywood families.

However, Kiara said he supported her when she was a “nobody”.

During Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 promotions, Kiara praised Karan and fashion designer Manish Malhotra.

She thanked them for believing in her at a time when others did not.

Kiara explained: “These are people who are supremely successful, but they didn’t have that apprehension, they didn’t come to me only because I was successful.”

Kiara said that during her initial days in Bollywood, she asked the agency that represented her to help her get cast in a Karan Johar film, however, the agency did not push for her.

She revealed that a chance encounter led to her being cast in her first Karan Johar film, Lust Stories.

Kiara said: “It took a random party after which he called me the next day and said that he wants to take me in his film.”

She also said that during her early career, she was rejected by designers.