Laal Singh Chaddha continues to face more criticism

Laal Singh Chaddha receives criticism over Mona Singh Casting
Laal Singh Chaddha receives criticism over Mona Singh Casting

Social media users have criticised Laal Singh Chaddha‘s makers over the casting of Mona Singh.

Since the trailer was released, the film has been drawing negative reactions.

Now, fans have questioned the casting of Mona Singh as Laal’s mother in the film, despite the actress being 17 years younger than Aamir Khan.

Many took to Twitter and Reddit to criticise the makers.

They also pointed out Bollywood’s habit of casting younger actors in senior roles instead of casting older actors.

One Reddit user posted a picture of the two actors and their ages, writing:

“Magic of cinema.”

One person asked: “Why not cast an age-appropriate person instead of doing all the work to make them younger/older?”

A Twitter user said: “Mona Singh who is younger than Aamir Khan, more than 17 years younger than him.

“In spite of that, she is playing his mother. So what about senior actors, they do not deserve any work, so shameful for this film.”

Another comment read: “Bollywood men refuse to age, even the so-called greatest of all.

“Aamir doesn’t have the self-awareness! Laughable and shameful!”

One user said it was a problem but believes Mona Singh can pull off the performance.

“Yep, that’s problematic but I’m sure Mona Singh must have nailed the role.”

One person pointed out that Mona is also younger than Kareena Kapoor, who plays Laal’s love interest in the film.

The user wrote: “Not to mention younger than Kareena who would be her daughter-in-law in the film.”

One person blamed the audience for the casting choice.

“The audience is the biggest culprit here IMO.

“As long as they are ok with these actors playing the lead role on screen and romancing younger actresses, they will continue to be bankable at the box office.”

Laal Singh Chaddha is set to release on August 11, 2022.