Lilly Singh’s New Book is a “Workout for Your Spirit”; ‘Be A Triangle’ Launches in April

Indian-Canadian comedienne, Lilly Singh, is gearing up to launch her next book, Be A Triangle next month. 

The self-help book promises to help readers get “mentally stronger”.

Taking to Instagram to promote Be A Triangle, Singh shared a picture of herself cartoonishly lifting the book alongside the caption: “Does your mind even lift bro?

“My new book, ‘Be a Triangle’ will help you get mentally stronger. It’s a workout for your spirit.”

Last month (16 February), the former A Little Late with Lilly Singh host posted a note to her 11.1 million followers about mental health before she announced her new book title.

Singh began, “Every morning before I start my day, I’ve been trying to identify two specific things I’m grateful for. Not vague things like health or family, but really specific moments and instances that I can ruminate on.

“Today one of my realisations was so powerful and I’d like to share because maybe you’ll relate. I have a really important work opportunity happening on Friday and I feel all types of anxiety about it. For the past two days, every time I’ve thought about it, my heart starts pounding through my chest. I’m truly so anxious because I care about the outcome so much! Even typing this is making me sweat.

She continued, “And then it hit me. My anxiety is rooted in an opportunity… and that is some next level privilege. So often in situations, we have everything to gain and nothing to lose, but we let our anxiety and nerves cast a shadow over the moment. A first date, a job interview, an audition, trying something new… all opportunities. I’m really grateful that in a world where horrible things can and do happen, in this instance my anxiety is rooted in growth.

Singh confessed, “I’ll still be nervous and feel anxious.” Before adding, “But instead of feeling stressed and negative about this week, I’ll convert that energy into excitement and gratitude.”

The YouTuber signed off by saying similar ideas can be found in her new book, launching 5 April.