Love Island’s Faye warns ‘don’t f**k with me’ as she takes brutal revenge on troll

Love Island star Faye Winter has called out an online troll who has been sending her “horrendous messages.”

The 27 year old got her revenge on the cruel follower by forwarding the hate messages she had received from him to his employer, mum and rugby club.

The reality star opened up about the incident on Instagram and warned the troll not to “f**k with her.”

In a video on her stories, Faye explained: “So today I got trolled horrendously by someone I don’t know, which is great, he said some awful things.

“So what do I do? I go on your page, I find your mum, screenshot your messages and send it to her, so she should be really proud of the boy, little, little, boy that she bought up.

“Do you know what else I have done, I’ve also it to your rugby club and I’ve also sent it to your employer. Don’t f**k with me.”

She later admitted that the boy’s mother had now blocked her on social media and added: “Hope he gets sent to bed with no tea tonight and he gets his PlayStation taken off him.”

Faye rose to fame on the 2021 series of Love Island where she found love with her partner Teddy Soares.

The 26-year-old has opened up about why he and his partner had to come off Instagram for a while after being trolled with hate messages.

Appearing on Vicky Pattinson’s The Secret To… podcast, Teddy explained: “She [Faye] gets quite a lot of racism thrown at her for being with me.

“And I was experiencing the same thing, over a kind of Q&A I think, but not to go into too much detail there, it was just something that I’ve never really expected to have any kind of trolling at all. Any kind of trolling.”

He continued: “It’s just there. You delete it, but you’ve got so much coming your way and I think any kind of hate, any kind of jealousy, any kind of toxicity in the world is just nasty.