Maniesh Paul – Akshay Kumar shouted at me

Maniesh Paul, in a recent interview, opened up about the time when Akshay Kumar shouted at him during a show. The incident left him embarrassed as his mother was there too. However, Maniesh revealed how he was able to pull himself and turn the situation around with his humour, which left Akshay praising him in the end.

Talking to Humans of Bombay, Maniesh shared an incident when asked about a funny anecdote with a celebrity. He recalled the time when he had just started hosting film award shows. It happened so when Akshay Kumar was stepping down the stage and Maniesh asked him, “Akshay sir ek dialogue to bol dijiye (at least say a dialogue).”

“He turned back and said chup kar (shut up) in a stern tone. I started sweating at this. My mother had also come for the first time to see my show. I was so embarrassed that beizzati hogayi (I’ve been insulted),” he added.

Maniesh said he knew that either it was the end of his career or the beginning. He decided to follow Akshay to his seat despite the director telling him not to do it. “I started telling him how he insulted me in front of my mother. I said I was just asking him for tips on acting. Our conversation just went to another level and everyone was in splits,” Maniesh said. He added that at the end of their conversation, Akshay congratulated him for his humour and even told him that he had fun with Maniesh.

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