Millions of Pupils Have Returned to School this Week

Millions of pupils in England and Wales returned back to school this week, after the unprecedented shutdown during the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools look different, with one-way systems, screens keeping pupils apart and staggered start times.

Many pupils were given inductions so they understand the new rules, including staying in their “bubble” groups, and where to use social distancing. Teachers have been assessing how much pupils need to catch up after a long absence.

Although there have been a mix of starting dates, with schools up and down the country, in Scotland and Northern Ireland, schools have already opened for the new academic year.

There has been reduced movement of pupils around schools, with classes and year groups staying in a small number of rooms, while their individual subject teachers come to them to teach.

Pupils can be required to wear face coverings in busy areas, such as corridors, and lessons like physical education will be very different, with all contact sports still banned. Many have already be wearing face coverings on public transport to school.


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