Munda Southall Da Give Profits To Flood Victims In Punjab

The team of the film Munda Southall have announced that the earnings from the movie will be used on the victims of the floods in Punjab.

“Munda Southall Da” is a refreshing film that embraces a unique, wholesome love story while avoiding vulgarity. It beautifully emphasizes the values of love, respect, and parental sacrifice. The movie serves as a mirror to society, prompting reflection on norms and biases. With its heartwarming narrative and meaningful themes, it’s a must-watch that leaves a lasting impact.

Punjab recorded three more deaths in the recent spell of downpour that left many districts in the state flooded, taking the with unaccounted death toll as thousands were left stranded, displaced or never to return home.

The agriculture industry was worst hit as farmers found their crops for the upcoming harvest ruined.


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