Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala is back with his latest single ‘Dark Love’.

His latest track tells a story of the love life gangsters have in real life, and again Sidhu has written the heartfelt lyrics.

He sings about how trying to be a gangster can destroy your life, and promotes the message of guns not being good. He raises awareness for his younger fans to warn them about the dangers of the criminal acts.

No regrets 🔥🔥

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‘Dark Love’ has been produced by Intense, who worked on Sidhu’s last track ‘Famous’, and the music video has been shot by the well-known directors and winner of BritAsia TV’s Punjabi Film Award for ‘best director’ = Baljit Singh Deo.

The video shows us intense scenes of the Punjabi singer with a backdrop of nice cars and guns, but again this time not to promote them. The dark video fits in perfectly with the theme of the song, and is set to be another hit from Moosewala.

The song has already reached over 7 million views on YouTube, and is increasing rapidly every day since its release. Check out ‘Dark Love’ below.

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