Pavandeep’s Essential Frizz Free Guide

Pavandeep gives BritAsia TV viewers vital advice and tips into keeping her hair grease and frizzy free.

Frizzy hair has always been a problem for me, from School up until University. As soon as I combed my hair it used to be bushy and frizzy, until my sister-in-law told me about an oil she uses. I know what you’re thinking, as soon as you hear oil and hair in the same sentence; you think of greasy hair but that’s not true! I thought the same thing until I went to my local Superdrug store and bought John Frieda Frizz Eaze Nourishing Oil . I apply a drop or two of this product onto the palm of my hands and rub it evenly across the tip of my hair. To prevent greasy hair, I make sure I apply this at the bottom only, after all that is the frizziest area. My hair is naturally quiet dry and thin but I have tested this product on my friends with thicker hair, it works for them too! The natural shine this product gives is an extra bonus. The thing that attracted me most to this product was the fact that it has Argon Oil in which is extremely health for your hair.

We all like to style out hair and heat protection just isn’t always effective so yes, I do have damaged hair and split ends. This John Frieda product reduces appearance of split ends and gives me that smooth looking finish that I always dreamed of.

I’ll let you into a little secret of mine today, my hair is naturally wavy and not frizzy until I comb it. Someday I tend to leave my hair out without combing it so I don’t need to use this product, my hair is frizz free, curly and quick. I usually comb it when I get home and then tie it in a bun. This is a style I just use for some days, most days I wouldn’t get through without the John Frieda Frizz ease.

I’ve been using this oil for just under a year and it’s worked perfectly. However, I love to experiment and I’m going to be buying a new oil for my hair. Who knows, maybe it’ll work out better. Any suggestions? I’ll keep you updated on any new hair products I buy.

Remember the trick to any hair oils is to apply it to the tip of the hair only.