Finding the perfect lip colour for your skin tone can be a nightmare!

You might find someone wearing a particular lip shade and it looks great on them but it doesn’t suit you.

We found the best lip colours for any different skin tones, that will leaving you feeling bold and beautiful.

Red lipstick is known for attracting attention. It is even said that the colour ‘Red’ was Cleopatra’s favourite lipstick. Red is associated with warmth, positive energy, and motivation.

Red lipstick

The colour also excites our emotions and triggers feelings, strength and ambition. No matter how tired you are, how dull your outfit is, red lipstick never goes wrong, and you are guaranteed to stand out.

If you have a lighter skin tone, pink/nude lipstick will work best on your skin tone. The colour will keep you looking fresh all-day long.

Nude lipstick

For darker skin tones, cool or warm undertones should be your go to as deep plums and berry colours really compliment the skin tone.

deep plum lipstick
Blogger Debasree Banerjee wears a plum lipstick

With those of you who have a yellow tone, the best lip colours are burgundy’s or a deep red.

Deep Red Lipstick

Now you know what lip colour suits you, you can wear it with confidence!

By Stephanie Silitonga & Amy Lehal


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