Premier League referees to pause matches during Ramadan

Referees will be allowed to pause football matches for Muslim players to break their fast during Ramadan. Match officials across the Premier League and English Football League have been encouraged to find a natural pause in play during evening matches.

The guidance was announced just before the beginning of the holy month which started on March 23. It means players will be given the time to break their fast by drinking liquids, energy gels or supplements.

Referees have also been advised to identify who will be fasting ahead of kick-off and agree a time when the stop in play can happen.

Muslims across the world are currently observing the holy month of Ramadan. This means that until April 21, Muslims will be abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sun set and will will be breaking their fast during the evenings.

During this time however, Muslims must carry on with their day to day such as still going to work or school. The Premier League is filled with a number of practicing Muslims such as Manchester City’s Riyad Mahrez, Liverpool’s Mo Salah and Chelsea’s Ngolo Kante.

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