Queen Elizabeth II: Sandringham requests plastic removed from flowers

    People leaving floral tributes to the late Queen Elizabeth II have been asked to remove any plastic from bouquets.

    The Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, where the Royal Family traditionally spends Christmas, said: “Please consider arriving with the wrapping already removed from floral tributes.”

    The Norwich Gates entrance has been adorned with flowers and tributes since her death was announced on Thursday.

    The estate will close for Her Majesty’s funeral on Monday.

    Thousands of people have turned out at the royal residence, near King’s Lynn, to pay their respects and lay flowers and tributes.

    In a statement, the estate said: “Any form of floral tribute is acceptable. In the interests of sustainability, we ask visitors to only lay organic or compostable material.

    “Removing the wrapping will aid the longevity of the flowers and will assist in subsequent composting which will start in the days following the date of the funeral and clearing of flowers daily thereafter.

    “Once floral tributes are removed, they will be taken for processing to remove any remaining packaging, cards and labels and to separate plant material for composting,

    Cards and labels would be saved for members of the Royal Family to read, the estate said.

    The composted material would be used on Sandringham’s gardens and landscaping projects across the estate’s parkland.

    The estate said floral tributes would be removed at daily intervals in the days following the funeral.

    Visitors have been asked not to leave items in any other areas of the estate apart from outside the gates and the walls running from the gate.

    There is no book of condolence at Sandringham, but subjects have been directed to leave any messages on the Royal Family’s website.