Rupali releases new track featuring Dr Zeus & Ikka with ‘Neendan’

Vocalist Rupali has unleashed her next single, in the form of ‘Neendan’, collaborating with super-hit music producer Dr Zeus and rapper Ikka!

After debuting onto the Bhangra scene in September 2015, with the single ‘Gal Sun Challeya’ featuring Moneyspinner – she made a huge impression on Bhangra fans for her extremely unique, sweet and melodious voice earning over 600,000 views on YouTube for her debut single. Shortly after the release of her debut single, Rupali and Dr Zeus started teasing Bhangra fans of a possible collaboration, with the end product being in the form of ‘Neendan’ – and a rap provided by Ikka.

The single ‘Neendan’ – is a totally different vibe to her debut single – with a more romantic and soulful vibe to the track – allowing the track to showcase how diverse Rupali is as a singer. The music production by Dr Zeus is incredible as always and brings a unique edge to the track.

In a statement by Rupali’s management company ‘Punjeeri Production’, Rupali truly feels blessed for the love and affection showed for her music. Rupali is all set to mesmerize Bhangra fans worldwide with her melodious and sensational voice that will be showcased in future releases and collaborations that she is currently working on.

Be sure to check out the track below and stay tuned to BritAsia TV for more music updates, news and gossip!

Written by Jusi Sahota