Saving Punjab and Sikh Council UK Introduce Surveys to Support State Affairs

Saving Punjab and Sikh Council UK have introduced surveys to raise awareness about the state of affairs affecting Punjab. 

Combined, the organisations reflect a united initiative to raise awareness about the problems Punjab is currently facing — from sanitised water and pollution to infertility and farmers’ welfare.

Saving Punjab have rolled out a survey in order for registrants to keep abreast with the state’s public affairs and projects by consolidating the news and updates into one accessible portal.

To support the initiative, the Kray Twinz produced a video to highlight the concerns represented by the organisation. Watch here 👇.

They shared the video on their Instagram platform last week with the caption:

“Save Punjab

Please watch and share this video the @savingpunjab team have created. It is time for us all to create awareness regarding the issues Punjab is facing. Your support will be invaluable. #savingpunjab“.

Saving Punjab is a research-based organisation seeking to educate the wider society and create awareness on significant issues within Punjab, to help their resolve in the short term and ultimately prevention for the future.

They use both primary and secondary data to identify issues, their causes and extent, and raise awareness of this information through literature and social media campaigns.

Their statement reads: “Punjab is rooted as a homeland for many individuals — not just for those physically living there but also for a large proportion of the diaspora living in other countries.”

“Our awareness campaigns will run both in Punjab and outside of Punjab — having already identified that Punjab also holds a significant value to the diaspora.”

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On a related note, the Sikh Council UK have created a survey to bolster awareness of farmers’ rights in Punjab through the campaign ‘Stand with Farmers.’

Coordinated by the Sikh Council they collectively state: “Farmers in Punjab, Haryana and across India have been protesting against three agricultural ordinances promulgated by Narendra Modi led Union Government in India. Protests have intensified after the Union Government proceeded forward with its plan to convert these into permanent law.”

The survey seeks to delve into the cognisance of those outside of Punjab to investigate the country’s awareness of the issues taking place in the state. Such as “How familiar are you of the struggle of farmers in Panjab and other parts of India?” and “Have you or any immediate family members sold any agricultural land in Panjab or another part of India in the last ten years?”

The survey takes 5 minutes to complete and can be accessed here.
Meanwhile, the hashtag has been gaining traction over Twitter and people in Punjab have been sharing their concerns and experiences through their voices and pictures.

See below and join in the conversation.

To contribute to the salvation effort or to find out more from either organisation, please visit:

Saving Punjab / Sikh Council’s Stand with Farmers  


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