Shah Rukh Khan talks highly of Gauri Khan’s passion

Shah Rukh Khan was the surprise guest at the launch of Gauri Khan’s book, ‘My Life In Design’. He also stole the show as he shared interesting anecdotes. His introduction speech was touching and even his closing statements left a lasting impression.

Towards the end of the event, Shah Rukh Khan said, “Before we walked in, she said, ‘Listen, I don’t want to be riding on the fact that I have done this big restaurant or this big house. So we’ll talk about stuff we have done internally’. This takes a lot of hard work that she puts into making sure her clients are happy. A living space or an office space is very personal. People have choices.

I just like the fact that when she makes a house or a home or an office, it seems very lived-in. It doesn’t just seem sanitized or clean. There’s some warmth to it. It seems like a place where she would have liked to spend time. I have seen some of the places she designed. The kids visit these places and are like, ‘Mumma has designed this place’ or ‘Mumma’s style’.”

hah Rukh continued, “In our family, we all do work very hard and very professionally. It’s a culture we follow in our family. But somewhere down the line, when it comes to homes and houses, it’s double the responsibility. It’s not just a film that you make and hope everybody likes. A house has to be lived in by the families there and loved to death. So it’s double the responsibility. I see her working at 3 or 4 in the morning.”

SRK signed off by saying, “Putting the four walls and ceiling is the easy part. Making it liveable and lovable is what a designer should do, that too according to the choice of the client and not just your will and fancy.”

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