Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan Dominates Box Office

Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan has been on a record-breaking spree, and now records and the King go hand in hand as he keeps juggling the record book with some or the other achievement, shattering the old numbers and fixing new targets for his contemporaries.

Now, another achievement by King Khan cannot go unnoticed while he continues to rule the worldwide Box Office with phenomenal numbers. The film currently stands at a giant 1086 crore at the worldwide box office.

Jawan has collected 361.35 crore overseas, which is a whopping $43.55 million, and while the film might be breaking some or the other record at this moment, we visit another giant achievement by the SRK starrer.

According to recent data, Shah Rukh Khan, topped 9 out of the top spots for the highest single-day collections worldwide. In this list, while Jawan contributes to four spots, Pathaan contributes to the other five spots.

Check out the list of the highest-single day collections where Shah Rukh Khan rules the top ten chart, claiming the top 9 spots for Hindi films.

  1. Jawan Day 3 (144 Crore)
  2. Jawan Day 4 (136 Crore)
  3. Jawan Day 1 (129 Crore)
  4. Pathaan Day 5 (126 Crore)
  5. Pathaan Day 2 (124 Crore)
  6. Pathaan Day 4 (116 Crore)
  7. Jawan Day 2 (110 Crore)
  8. Pathaan Day 1 (106 Crore)
  9. Pathaan Day 3 (98 Crore)
  10. Brahmastra Day 2 (85 Crore)


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