Sunny Leone says dating Russell Peters ‘was a mistake’,

Actor Sunny Leone has often spoken about dating stand-up comedian Russell Peters for a ‘hot minute’ in the past. She feels that the two could have continued being really good friends had they not become romantically involved.

The actor, in an interview with mid-day, shared how she and Russell would often share great moments of fun and camaraderie during the course of their friendship, and that she doesn’t mind the jokes that Russell has made about her in some of his stand-up sets.

Asked about this, she said, “Yes, you have to see it. I don’t know if he does it now, but now I am not upset about anything he says. It’s totally fine if it makes people laugh.”

The Kennedy actor said that if they two had not started dating, they would have still been good friends. She also remembered the good moments she shared with Russell. “It was a mistake.

I genuinely believe that him and I were such good friends and we had so much fun together and everywhere I would travel in the US, there were a lot of places that he was at, because he was doing a show and we would just meet up and have fun, drink and go out, be really funny and silly. All of a sudden we messed up by going out on a date,” she said.

Sunny, who is now married to Daniel Webber, met her husband-to-be around the same time that she was dating Russell. Asked if Daniel actually beat Russell up for making a joke about her, as was shown in the streaming series based on Sunny’s life, she said with a laugh, “No, that one was sensationalised a little bit.”

“I really do wish that we were still friends. He went this way, I went the other way, which is totally fine, but if I ever did see him again, I would be so happy to see him, even if he talked s**t in his stand-up comedy, its okay. When I dated Russel for this really short time, it was also the time the I met Daniel. So then, it would be really weird if I was still friends with Russell when I was just dating him and continue to be with him when I was with Daniel. It’s like weird mixing of weirdness. I had to drop the friend. I am sad about about it,” said Sunny.

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