Surprise! The Flash Just Wrapped Up a Long-Running Arrow Storyline

The following contains spoilers from the June 15 episode of The Flash, but really also for the Arrowverse in general.

“Oh, Johnnnnn….. You can come out now.”

Midway through this Wednesday’s episode of The Flash, after Barry paid another visit to the imprisoned Eobard Thawne on Lian Yu, it was revealed that the adversaries had not been alone. Rather, Thawne was also about to receive a second visitor in the form of… John Diggle, played by Arrow vet David Ramsey.

What came out of the most unexpected meeting was a resolution to a years-long Arrowverse arc, which began with mere fan speculation and then leaned into same in Arrow‘s series finale, where Diggle discovered a crash-landed “cube,” inside of which was a green, glowing… something.