A 12-year-old boy has won a national award after a school project led to him creating his own business by selling desserts out of a van.

Abz with Young Entrepreneur of the Year award

Abz Navsarka has become a local celebrity in his hometown of Coventry all thanks to his Dessert Van. People of all ages flock to the van to try his sweet treats when the van rolls up.

The hype around his dessert van has now led him to winning the top prize at the English Asian Business Awards, with Young Achiever of the Year.

BritAsia TV caught up with Abz to find out more about his genius idea.

Abz, what inspired you to start your own business?

My teacher at Bablake School set us a challenge to make profit from £20, so I bought crepes and cookies and turned them into full on desserts and made a profit of £200.

Who would you say is your business idol?

My brother is my idol and has played a huge part in helping me with my business. I trust him due to his own very successful business and has done rather well for himself.

What’s the future for DessertVan.co.uk?  

I want to trademark the DessertVan.co.uk and make it well known all over the country. Hopefully, I’d also like to franchise the business and see it branch out worldwide like other big businesses!

The Dessert Van

The Dessert Van holds online votes to decide where the sweet treat van travels to next, which results into long queues waiting for the van at the winning destination.

The schoolboy has a bright future ahead of him and all we can ask is- when can we have a dessert van in our office?

Written by Amy Lehal

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