Tabu sustains injury on sets of Bholaa in Hyderabad

On Wednesday morning, Tabu who is playing a fearless, high-ranking police officer in Ajay Devgn’s action extravaganza Bholaa, escaped a major injury while performing a daredevil stunt. This is one of the films in which Tabu will be seen performing several high-octane stunts alongside the leading man, Ajay Devgn, who is playing the title role of Bholaa.

Sources say that the National Award winner was reportedly driving a truck in a dense jungle. The truck was being chased by some motorcycle goons. In one take, one of the bikes that were racing crazily alongside the truck collided with it. And, Tabu who was in the truck caught some shredded glass from the crash.

The source added that the impact of the collision was so strong that a piece of glass flew and cut Tabu just above her right eye. The cut was bleeding but fortunately, the gash was on her forehead just above the right side eyebrow. Medical help that was available on set said, ‘The injury is minor.  She will not be needing stitches on the gash.’

One hears Ajay was fully in charge of the situation. And, called for a short break, allowing the actress to rest till she gained her composure.