There is something so magical about Christmas time in London, especially the varying Christmas lights displays across the capital, twinkling away and giving us so much Christmas cheer.

Christmas Light Displays in London

Here are some of the top ones this year. Why not combine going to see the lights with other activities in the area, for a fun day out in London. It is sure to get you into the festive mood!

Regent Street ‘Spirit of Christmas’ theme

Regent Street

Regent Street has the most elegant theme this year with its ‘Angels’ and stunning decorations lighting up the Street, just around the corner from Oxford Street.

Oxford Street Christmas Lights

oxford street

London’s busiest shopping street is sparkling with baubles, and if you are lucky you may catch the occasional ‘snow fall’ too. The design is inspired by falling snowflakes and there are an astonishing 1,778 decorations (and 750,000 LED lightbulbs) brightening up the night sky!

Carnaby Street’s Christmas Carnival Theme


Carnaby Street gets the award for the most vibrant and fashionable Christmas lights and decor with this year’s carnival theme. Colourful and cheerful, totally reflecting the multi-cultural vibes in London.

Mount Street, Mayfair and The Connaught Christmas Tree designed by Tracey Emin

Mount Street, Mayfair and The Connaught Christmas Tree designed by Tracey Emin

The Christmas Lights on Mount Street, Mayfair, are also decadently festive and the icing on the cake is the Christmas Tree designed by Tracey Emin, which is a really meaningful tree as it is a tribute to her mum, who she sadly lost last year.

The words of the tree are a poem which read:

What I give to you is all I have.

An Open wanting

Deep in The Layers of my heart

And in Return I catch

Your smile

The Greatest Gift of All

Tracey Emin CBE

Bond Street’s Christmas Lights

Bond Street’s Christmas Lights

The most glamourous street in London has Giant illuminated chic peacock feathers which really are spectacular. Taking bling to the next level!

Covent Garden Christmas

Covent Garden has a mistletoe theme this year, but the real attraction is the 22ft high Reindeer, illuminated with the help of a whopping 2,000 lights!

Covent Garden Christmas

By Binny Shah 


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