‘This is so f**king ridiculous!’ Kendall Jenner loses her cool at Scott Disick before STORMING OFF as he confronts her for not inviting him to her party in explosive The Kardashians scenes

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Things got very heated on the latest installment of The Kardashians on Thursday after Kendall Jenner lost her cool at Scott Disick.

And explosive row ensued after Scott, who was formerly in an off/off relationship with Kendall’s sister Kourtney, accused her of not inviting him to her recent birthday party.

The atmosphere became very strained as Kendall branded the situation ‘f**king ridiculous’ with before storming off amid their showdown.

The drama began when Scott, who had joined Kendall and her mum Kris as Kris’ house asked whether he’d be invited to the family’s Thanksgiving meal, quipping: ‘Did I get banned from that yet?’

‘You’re invited, I just have to figure out where everybody is staying now,’ Kris told him adding there are, ‘no more rooms available.’

Kris added in confession, ‘Sometimes Scott can play a bit of a victim, and I feel like that’s what’s happening here right now. I just want everyone to be happy, but don’t put me in the middle.’

Kendall asked if they were all together for Kris’ birthday and Scott says they were fine, before asking why Kendall didn’t invite him to her birthday.

‘I didn’t really invite anyone to my birthday,’ adding that nobody came, but Scott insisted that, ‘everybody came.’

‘I love you. I’ve been helping you throw your birthday parties for the past 10 years,’ Scott said, asking if Kourtney and Travis went and Kendall insisted, ‘nobody went.’

‘Oh, at the dinner at my house? Yeah but literally only Kourtney and Travis came, that wasn’t a party,’ Kendall said.

‘Never in a million years would Kendall not invite me to a birthday dinner,’ Scott retorted, but Kris insisted she, ‘didn’t have a birthday dinner.’

Kris said she had a birthday party at a club, as Scott complained, ‘I wasn’t invited to that either.’

Shutting down her mum’s remark, Kendall exclaimed, ‘I had a birthday dinner, mom. You were there at my house,’ as Scott asked, ‘So why wasn’t I invited to that?’

‘We’ve already went over this, Scott. It was actually all my friends,’ as Scott added, ‘Oh so you didn’t want me there.’

Kendall responded, ‘No, I wasn’t going to invite family members, period,’ but Scott added, ‘But you invited everybody but me.’

She added that her sister was going to be there and wanted the dinner to be ‘intimate’, but Scoitt insisted that he still shouldn’t have been ‘left out’.

‘I’m not saying you should. That is not my business at the end of the day. Making Kourtney uncomfortable is not part of my business,’ Kendall said.

‘I’m so sorry that makes you sad and I’m not ever trying to leave you out, but what I’m saying is, by Kourtney being uncomfortable about something like that, that’s not really my business,’ Kendall explained.

Scott said he didn’t never invite them when he had a girlfriend but Kendall replied, ‘That’s so different, Scott.’

To which Scott said: ‘You can’t like take a second and like, ‘Hey, I’m having a birthday, I think you might be uncomfortable?’.

Kendall admitted she should have texted him, as she explained that she was the one who asked about Scott’s feelings on the night of Kourtney and Travis’ engagement.

Kris said that was true, and Scott got upset that she did all that and she still didn’t invite him to her birthday.

‘Kourtney, at the end of the day, is my sister, and of course I want her there. This dinner was literally 15 people. If it’s an intimate dinner and I’m not willing to have an uncomfortable situation happen…’ Kendall began before being cut off by Scott who says he’s upset.

Kendall then went on to insist she’s saying sorry and Scott said, ‘I would never not invite you.’

With the pair continuing to go back and forth, Kendall became frustrated as she raged: ”I’m literally… I’m out!’ before getting up from the table.

 ‘This is so f***ing ridiculous. You won’t let me speak, Scott!’

‘Because you didn’t say anything,’ Scott said as Kendall raged that he’s talking over her as Scott added that she didn’t say, ‘she had a f***ing party or a birthday.’

‘No I didn’t! I literally… Scott, that was my mom. I literally said Yes mom I did. Scott, please replay the f***ing video,’ Kendall hit back before walking out of her mom’s house.

‘I’m so over this s**t, Scott, for real,’ Kendall added before closing the door as Scott says, ‘Oooh,’ while Kris just hung her head, as the episode comes to an end.’