Tiger and Disha have parted ways for good as it was more of a one-sided relationship

Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani never confirmed, their relationship of over six years and always maintained that they were good friends. Both fitness and Gym enthusiasts, given their common interests and dinner-Maldives outings led to speculations on an obvious romance.

While Tiger stayed tight lipped about his private life, Disha, the more candid among the two, opened up on it in a previous interview with Bombay Times (in 2019).

When asked about their equation and rapport, she told us, “Among the two of us, Tiger is more fitness conscious. He is crazy! He is completely focused on his fitness.” Given her massive fan following among the men, it was hard to believe that she doesn’t get the kind of male attention one would assume she does. She revealed, “I don’t know if it’s normal, but no man has ever asked me out or proposed to me. I am not lying. I have never got that kind of male attention.” When we asked, ‘not even Tiger?’, she added, “I have been trying to impress him for a long time, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in me. We go out for dinner and all, but I need more than friendship, but that’s not happening. I want us to be more than that, but it’s one-sided love. I have been trying it all — gymnastics, fitness, et al — to impress him, but it’s not happening.” While we thought Disha’s claims were a way to retain privacy from the media and thus misleading, turns out she was courageously honest.

Sources close to the couple, told BT, “The two have been friends for long but Tiger is too obsessed with his own life and fitness to be invested in a relationship. He was clear from the beginning about it. Disha was hopeful that things would eventually change but that wasn’t happening. One-sided relationships are emotionally draining and that led to an obvious tension between the two. One found the other controlling. Trouble was brewing for a while and they finally outgrew each other. They have parted ways and moved on for good. This is best for the both of them.”