Tik Tok Challenges Thriving in the South Asian Community

Tik Tok, one of the most downloaded apps in recent years, with over 1.5 billion downloads in 2019, has set a number of trends during lockdown. With everyone practicing social distancing in their homes, many have started challenges on the platform to cure their boredom. Check out some of these challenges below that are particularly thriving in the South Asian Community!

  1. Try Not to Sing or Dance Challenge

The rules of this challenge are simple – try not to sing or dance to the music in the Tik Tok. However, it has proven difficult for many Tik Tok stars as Punjabi beats are too hard to pass dancing to, check out the video below:


Clearly lost this round since I was behaving myself in the last part 😂 #punjabi #desi #song

♬ original sound – officialsohalarious


2. Welcome to my Culture

This challenge focuses on showcasing culture, with the hands up dance and a tranformation into traditional outfits.


Pops was bummed he wasn’t in the last video. How do you think he did? 😁🇮🇳 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #culture #punjabi #desi #bhangra #india

♬ original sound – guggin94

3. Classic or Not

This challenge splits the screen with one side as ‘Classic’ and the other as ‘I don’t know’, with the aim to pick a side for when a song begins playing. This challenge has left many of the public divided with what the best Bollywood songs are!


I love this game!!! Bollywood song have my heart 💛 #bollywood #fyp #foryou #somali #hindisong #pakistani

♬ original sound – xanisax_

4. Different Punjabi Singers

This challenge is based on imitating different Punjabi singers and their music styles, check out the video below:


DIFFERENT PUNJABI SINGERS🎶😂 #punjabi #punjabitiktok #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #funnyvideos #xyzbca #punjabifunny #punjabimusic #punjabisingers #desi

♬ original sound – ricki_dhindsa

5. Makeup Brush Challenge

This challenge was widely created to the backing of Mickey Singh’s latest song, Ptola, with a variety of influencers, beauty guru’s and Tik Tok Stars showcasing their makeup skills. Using a variety of tools as transitions, this Tik Tok is a simple, fun challenge to share with friends!

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