Tips For International Students Ahead Of The New Academic Year

International Students Coming To The UK For 2022
International Students Coming To The UK For 2022

As university students return and start for the 2022 academic year, many international students from across the world will be starting their education in the UK. We at Britasia TV give you a few important tips for your new home before you board the plane.

1. Passport and Visa Check:

Before you travel, make sure your passport is complete and your visa application is ready. Copy and save all your important documents, keeping them together in one easy and safe place.

2. Money Management:

Currency exchange:

You will already have a good idea of how much money you will need to support yourself when you apply for your visa, but it makes sense to familiarise yourself with the cost of living before you go.

Before you start, convert some of your local currency into pounds sterling so you’ll have cash when you arrive.

Opening a bank account:

To save your money and pay your bills, you’ll need to open a student bank account. To do this, you need to check your identity (passport), proof of address and proof of student status (university confirmation letter). Following are some banks in UK which are popular amongst international student.

  • Lloyds Bank

  • Barclays

  • HSBC

  • Santander

  • NatWest

Consider following points while opening bank account as an international student in UK.

  • Look for extended 0% interest overdraft

  • Check perks of opening bank account with respective bank

  • Check your credit score

  • Overdraft limit

3. Travel:

Whether you’re based in the city or the countryside, the UK has an extensive and affordable transport network for students.

Rail: A 16-25 travel card costs just £30 and saves you 1/3 on rail travel across the UK for a whole year. Tube: London, Newcastle, Glasgow and Liverpool all have tube systems with student cards available.

Buses: All cities in the UK have a regular bus service, with companies such as Stage Coach offering annual passes designed for students. Teachers: National Express is the UK’s largest coach network and students can save up to 30% by buying a teacher card. Bus Carriers offer a cheaper, albeit slower, alternative to train travel.

4. Search for accommodation options before arrival:

First, you should have a clear idea of where you want to live. This will make it easier for you to narrow down the options and find accommodation quickly. Many choices are available for international students and they will be highlighted on their university website. Most institutions offer university accommodation. Another option is a private accommodation, which includes flat and home shares. Just start browsing the internet and you will find many websites that offer accommodation in the UK e.g.

  • Zoopla,

  • Right to move,

  • Spare-room

  • Facebook Marketplace

Also, you can check the rental prices and compare and decide the best place for you. There are also many online student forums where you can seek advice from people who have done the same thing.

5. Working as an International student in UK:

The UK, despite being one of the most popular study destinations, is also demanding when it comes to spending money. This is why many international students decide to work and enroll in degree programs. However, the amount of money you are allowed to work or the rules you have to follow all depend on your visa restrictions and the university you are enrolled in. However, the jobs most common for students in the UK, are

  • Student Support Office,

  • Sales Assistant,

  • Pizza Delivery Driver,

  • Personal Assistant,

  • Sport Facilities Worker,

  • waitress,

  • Reception

6. Healthcare services in UK:

The UK is home to one of the most famous healthcare systems such as the National Health Service (NHS). International students in the UK must have health insurance so that they can benefit from medical facilities in the UK without worrying about medical bills. The health insurance you can take out depends on the length of your study program.

7. Clothing guide:

The ability to pack the right kind of clothes and the right clothes is legendary. However, bringing enough clothes will be enough. Winters and unpredictable rainy days dominate the environment. However, there are days when the sun shines. Ladies, you can bring your clothes. There will be many gatherings, college events where you can wear them.