True Geordie Faces Backlash Over ‘Islamophobic’ comments

Worcestershire firm Gymshark has ended its relationship with UK YouTuber True Geordie after controversy surrounding the online personality using discriminatory and Islamophobic comments as well as other brands associated with him including streaming site Twitch who has banned him from using their services.

On Monday (November 7), drama erupted as True Geordie, real name Brian Davis, was accused of Islamophobic comments, after making a joke about controversial social media personality Andrew Tate.

During an online video, True Geordie was recorded as saying Tate, a Muslim, should “do the right thing,” with an implication that the divisive social media star should “blow himself up” as suggested in a prior comment.

These comments immediately started to go viral and were picked up across TikTok, Twitter, and further afield, eventually being heard by Tate himself.

Following the online controversy, Tate was quick to respond to True Geordie in an explosive rant.

In his own video, Tate saying: “After me converting to Islam, he made a piece on one of his podcasts saying I’m not true in my conversion, and then insulted all Muslims.

“Making racist comments about an entire religion as if that’s somehow funny.

“Let me tell you something my friend, and True Geordie if you are watching this, this is a message directly to you.

“To insult my religion, and the religion of billions of people across the planet, making ignorant jokes about blowing ourselves up, thinking it’s going to go without consequence, you’re going to learn very quickly my friend that was a mistake.”

This was then met, very swiftly, with an apology from True Geordie, who said it was just an “idiotic joke” at the expense of “someone who seriously dislikes me.”

That wasn’t the end of it, though.

On Tuesday (November 8), Gym brand Gymshark put out a statement distancing themselves with True Geordie and ending their working relationship.

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