The evermore-increasing multiculturalism of England has made growing up and studying here is an enriching experience. Travelling from the north to south and from east to west is like taking a small trip around the world.

We find ourselves immersed in cultures which have travelled from thousands of miles away, whether it be the tantalising desi sweet shops in Soho Road, Birmingham or the enticing aromas coming from West Indian food houses at the Golden Mile, Leicester.

For many, retaining the South-Asian culture whilst residing and growing up in a western country can be extremely challenging. However, fashion trends are increasingly becoming a tantalising melting pot where the east and west are colliding to create bold and stunning statements. An ethnic twist on a western outfit and vice versa, represents what many of us young British Asians are, a celebration of both cultures together in unison.

Social media influencers such as Simran (Instagram: @simisear) a graduate from the University of Bristol, displays this fusion of both of her cultures beautifully, pairing ripped jeans and tank top with a vibrant red chuni. This is the epitome of modern meeting traditional, however the great contrasts shown in this look are merely one way of including two cultures into one look.

Clothing brands such as Needle & Thread have a range of outfits for all your occasion needs. If you’re looking for a dress with a hint eastern flare, this is a designer which would be one we would consider as the embellished details are like those seen on saris and other Indian attire. Perhaps add a chuni and have a pajami sewn with a lot of these dresses to make it perfect for an Asian wedding.

Needle & Thread Floral Border Dress           

Needle & Thread Astral Saree

Fashion is a tool we can use to express ourselves, and having a multicultural identity means that our fashion can become multicultural too.

Written by Kim Hullait


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