Who was Arjan Vailly?

#ArjanVailly by @bhupinderbabbal @iambobbydeol

The song is crafted in the style of Dhadi vaar, which #srigurugobindsinghji used to sing to boost the morale of his army during battles against the mughals.

The song is titled ‘Arjan Vailly’

It was a #Punjabi song that late #KuldeepManak Ji once sang

In the song, Arjan is referring to Arjan #Singh #Nalwa, who’s father was #HariSinghNalwa

He served as the commander in chief of the #Sikh #Khalsa Army in the 18th century

He was also called ‘Baagh Maar’ because he had torn apart a tiger with his bare hands

However, many historians claim this song is about another Arjan.

Arjan Velly, born in Ludhiana in 1876, was a towering man with presence, often seen carrying a gandasa, and was known for his honesty and support to those in need.

He was rebellious and once broke a policeman’s arm to protect a helpless victim from abuse, earning the name “Velly.”

During the 1947 partition, he assisted many Muslim, safeguarding all their possessions and gold.

The term ‘Vailly’ means a highly violent person who doesn’t care about law and order

That’s why this song serves perfectly as a metaphor for the father-son relationship as shown in the movie #Animal

The song features the powerful vocals of Bhupinder Babbal, a renowned #Punjabi folk singer who, up until now, was forgotten by many,

Bhupinder Ji has been singing for many decades and deserves the recognition he has received since the release of this movie.

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