Why Punjab farmers are protesting again?

The Kisaan Morcha is a farmers’ protest movement in India that began in November 2020. Two years after Indian farmers ended their massive protest, they are back on the streets demanding guaranteed prices for their crops.

Thousands of farmers are marching towards Delhi while authorities have turned India’s capital into a fortress, barricading it with razor wire and concrete blocks to try to keep demonstrators at bay.


Farmers began a year-long protest in 2020 against the government’s move to introduce controversial agricultural reforms.


Thousands camped at the borders of the capital with dozens dying from heat, cold and Covid.


The movement became one of the biggest challenges for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.


Farmer groups called off their strike after the government scrapped the proposed farm laws in 2021 and agreed to discuss their other demands, including guaranteed prices for produce and a withdrawal of criminal cases against the protesters.


The farmers are now back, saying they want to remind the government of the promises made back then.


Special thank you to Angad Singh for the report


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