WSTRN unleash their next summer anthem entitled ‘A-List’

London based R&B collective WSTRN have finally unleashed their next summer anthem entitled ‘A-List’ which released on Friday 12th August 2016.

Akelle, Haile and Louis, known collectively as ‘WSTRN’, have been a huge success on the UK R&B market since debuting on the scene with their hit single ‘In2’ in October 2015. The single was the group’s first single and catapulted the group to new heights within the music scene, securing themselves as one of the hottest R&B music groups. Their unique style and flavour has had a positive outcome for WSTRN with the single ‘In2’ reaching 4th on the UK Singles Chart and number one on the UK R&B Chart as well as accumulating over 22 million hits on YouTube. Since the release of ‘In2’, WSTRN have released a handful of promotional and official singles such as ‘Come Down’, ‘Got Love’ and ‘Social’ – however none of these tracks have been able to match the same success as ‘In2’.

Now – after a few months out – WSTRN are BACK with their next single entitled ‘A-List’ – once again flaunting that unique sound that they created. The song features a rhythmic and head-bopping guitar melody accompanied by a simple drum beat and bassline – making up a feel-good R&B track – perfect for those long summer drives!

Be sure to check out the track below – and let us know what you think!

Written by Jusi Sahota