Youth Employment and Skills Platform Introduced for West Midlands

West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) has introduced ‘West Midlands Youth Platform’ which provides employment and skills support for the county and local areas.

In a statement provided by the organisation, they said they have created a platform that combines the services and resources that already exist, into one portal.

“It is a youth friendly website – developed with Youth Employment UK and young people. The youth platform will be an interactive and online ‘one stop shop’ for young people to access the Youth Offer, and will include information and guidance on employment, apprenticeships, and studying and training.”

The platform will also signpost to wider support services – for example, mental health support and volunteering opportunities. Each of the local authority areas will have their own tailored versions, reflecting the specifics of a local offer.

Additionally, the WMCA has also launched ‘Swap Don’t Drop’ – which is aimed at young people who may be “confused, uncertain, and at risk of dropping out of education.”

Their ambition is to reduce the number of young people dropping out of education and becoming risk of NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training.)

WMCA understand it is difficult for young people now more than ever, but also recognise that colleges and providers have excellent support so the platform hopes to amplify their prospects.

To find out more about opportunities in your area, click here.

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