Award-winning British singer, songwriter Arjun was given the honour of switching on the Diwali-themed lights at the Empire State Building, turning the iconic landmark orange to mark the city’s celebration of Diwali.

Speaking about the event, Arjun said: “I am privileged to be in New York for this special event to celebrate Diwali. The Empire State Building is one of the world’s most iconic landmarks, recognised by billions globally, and it will be the centre of the city’s recognition of Diwali. I am honoured to play a part in the celebrations here, turning this world-famous building orange to celebrate the Festival of Lights this weekend and represent a culturally rich and diverse community.”

Singer Arjun was invited to New York especially for the occasion and was asked to flip the switch.

Orange signifies the colour of the Diya (lamp) and once lit, the Empire State Building cast a beautiful hue across the night sky of New York city, spreading the message of oneness in celebrating the victory of good over evil.

Arjun adds: “My music is about celebrating and connecting the sounds of different cultures from the East and the West – bringing them together by fusing the likes of Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil with Western R&B and Pop music. In a time where cultural acceptance is a hot topic in America and so many other countries around the world, it’s great to see this celebration of diversity and inclusion and bridging the gap between cultures.”

Check out Arjun’s latest single ‘Tingo’ with Mickey Singh here:


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